Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery (NSALK)

St. Olavs Hospital, Trondheim University Hospital, Norway


NSALK is responsible for training surgeons, carrying out research and providing quality assurance of procedures in advanced laparoscopic, endoscopic and minimal invasive surgery. NSALK aims to be a leading advisory unit of expertise, promoting the implementation of minimal invasive surgery in Norwegian hospitals.
The task of the Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery is to monitor, develop and present competence on the national level. The unit will increase the use and quality of laparoscopic/endoscopic/minimal invasive surgery.
Bearing these aims in mind, NSALK has prepared a national competence-raising plan to improve the level of knowledge in the field of laparoscopic surgery.

The plan has the following performance targets:

  1. Strengthen and raise competence and skills relating to laparoscopic/endoscopic/minimal invasive surgery, and ensure that it will be represented in all Norwegian hospitals.
  2. Develop new surgical procedures and medical technology according to clinical needs 
  3. Improve existing and new methods of minimal invasive surgery through testing, quality assurance, training and guidance.

The unit aims to raise the skills in laparoscopic surgery of surgeons across Norway and to focus on minimizing the incidence of complications during this type of operation.
As a national advisory unit, under the direction of the Clinic of Surgery at St. Olavs Hospital, NSALK receives grants from the Ministry of Health and Care Services.

Centre Director: Ronald Mårvik, MD. PhD.