Annual NASCE meeting, Oct 13-14, 2017 in Lund, Sweden

The third scientific meeting of the Network of Accredited Skills Centres in Europe (NASCE) took place in Lund, founded more than 1000 years ago and one of the oldest cities in Scandinavia. The venue for the meeting “Hypteksvaningen”( was situated in a beautiful fin de siècle building and the meeting was hosted by Anders Bergenfelz, chairman of NASCE.

The meeting gathered more than 65 people with delegates from the ten NASCE accredited skills centers in Europe and other groups focusing on simulation-based education and patient safety. The content of the scientific meeting was a mix of 20 free paper sessions based on original research within the area of medical simulation, and three key note addresses:

Lars Konge, Head of Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education and Simulation (CAMES), Copenhagen, Denmark gave the first keynote lecture “Using virtual-reality simulators to assess competence in technical skills” explaining the importance of validating simulators according to the Messick’s framework (content, response process, internal structure, relations to other variable, evidence based on consequences of testing).

Dara O’Keeffe, simulation lead in postgraduate surgical education and training, National Surgical and Clinical skills centre, RCSI, Dublin, Ireland focused on “Selecting the surgeons of tomorrow: can we predict future performance?”, based on the literature and highlighting both strengths and pitfalls during current selection processes.

The final keynote was given by Pelle Gustafson, Chief Medical Officer, the Swedish National Patient Insurance on “Diagnostic errors and shortcomings: a major cause of complications in health care” explaining us the Dual process theory which may lead to diagnostic errors.

Twenty oral presentations were selected and presented by colleagues from Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education and Simulation CAMES (Copenhagen, Denmark), Center of Advanced Simulation and Education CASE (Istanbul, Turkey), Experimental Research Centre ELPEN (Athens, Greece), Practical Clinical Skills Centre (Lund, Sweden), Institute of Medical Education (Bern, Switzerland), University of Zagreb of Medicine (Zagreb, Croatia), Center of Advanced Medical Simulation and Training (CAMST, Gothenburg, Sweden), Russian Society for Simulation Education in Medicine (ROSOMED, Russia), Centre of Medical Expertise (Jyvaskyla, Finland), Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (Kaunas, Lithuania), National Surgical Training Centre, RSCI (Dublin, Ireland), Trinity College Dublin, Institute for Training and Clinical Innovative Technology Ghent, TCIT (Ghent, Belgium).

Two new centres have been accredited in 2017 and received their diploma after presenting their multispecialty training centre: “Experimental Research Centre, ELPEN, Athens, Greece” and “Hopital Virtuel de Lorraine, Nancy, France”.

Finally, several accredited centres exchanged Training Concepts & Ideas

- CRM training for undergraduate medical students during the interactive session CASE, Istanbul, Turkey

- Attracting undergraduate students to surgical specialties through a week-long summer school, ITCIT, Ghent, Belgium

- Preparing trainees for real-life clinical practice: the impact of the CAMES technical skills “Boot Camp”, CAMES, Copenhagen, Denmark

- A novel Simulation based Masterprogram in Surgery, RCSI, Dublin, Ireland

- Bridging the Gap: a course to promote local scenario-based training in emergency medicine, Practical Skills Centre, Lund, Sweden

Immediately after the scientific annual meeting, a Train the trainer course (1.5 days) was held at the Practicum Clinical Skills Centre in Lund with Dilek Kitapciologlu, Erhan Sayali, Martina Vitz, Dara O’Keeffe, Marie Morris, Christian Engvall.

The fourth scientific NASCE meeting will be held in Copenhagen, Oct 4-6th 2018.

- some of the presentations are shared below :