Practicum Clinical Skills Centre

Practicum is one of Europes largest skills centres, and has in excess of some 2,200 m2 and 75 rooms split between the Lund and Malmö units. A large part of the teaching/training rooms are flexible and can be used for different purposes. Practicum also has an authentic and full-scale operating theatre.

Training and courses
Healthcare personnel and students are educated and trained at Practicum at both basic and specialist levels. Team training and individual practical skills training are conducted at the site. There are additional programmes for communication training, and teacher and instructor training.

Individual skills training
For individual skills training, dry-lab, wet-lab, simulators, and virtual reality (VR) simulators are available to allow for maximal pedagogical flexibility. Individual skills’ training encompasses undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses.

Team training
At Practicum, team training is based on inter-professional collaborations using advanced full-scale medical simulators and realistic scenarios which support the participant’s skills development. Practical and theoretical methods are combined, which provide participants with the tools and knowledge required for their future profession, and with an approach that allows for increased patient safety within healthcare.

The simulators can be moved into clinical departments, including both inpatient care and primary care, adding extra dimensions and positive effects to the training.

Practicum’s instructors are highly qualified, and trained in how to use simulation as a learning tool. Practicum is accredited as multispecialty form of training centre by the Network of Accredited Clinical Skills Centres in Europe (NASCE) - a multidisciplinary joint committee of the UEMS, since 2015. Practicum has also been accredited as a Level I Education Institute by the American College of Surgeons.



Practicum Clinical Skills Centre
Barngatan 2B
Kampradhuset, Plan 4
221 85 Lund

Phone: +46 46 17 37 73


Centre director:
Professor Anders Bergenfelz
e-mail: anders.

Practicum Clinical Skills CentrePracticum Clinical Skills Centre