Accreditation and Review Board Members

The purpose of the ARB is to review the data and information submitted in the application, and coordinate the Site Surveyors and resultant data.
The Accreditation Review Board will make the overall accreditation recommendation to council, determining whether or not an institution that submits an application meets the criteria for accreditation at the specified Level. 

Chairman  Oscar Traynor Ireland Surgery Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland  
Vice Chair Isabelle Van Herzeele Belgium Vascular Surgery Ghent University Hospital, Belgium CV
ARB Emin Aksoy Turkey Family Medicine / Biomedical Eng. CASE Acibadem University CV
ARB Teuvo Antikainen Finland Surgery Jyväskylä University CV
ARB Li Felländer-Tsai Sweden Orthopaedic Surgery Karolinska University, Stockholm, Sweden CV
ARB Torben Schroeder Denmark Vascular Surgery University of Copenhagen, Denmark CV
ARB Juriy Wladimiroff UK Obstetrics & Gyn  CV
ARB Dilek Kitapcioglu Turkey AnaesthesiologyCASE Acibadem UniversityCV
ARBErhan Sayali TurkeyFamily MedicineCASE Acibadem UniversityCV
ARBVinod SinghalDubaiSurgery  

The NASCE Board was elected at the constitutional meeting on Sept. 19th 2014 in Stockholm and last updated in Brussels on Febr.16th 2018